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15, Freshman, 4'11, 100 pounds.
Goal: to be confident in my own skin while weighing 80 pounds.


eating/running schedule:

From what I noticed last year, watching what I ate made a whole lot of difference than the times when I ate whatever I wanted. Maybe that’s why I’ve gained 5 pounds of muscle and fat this past 5 months. Today I ate a lot. Mainly chicken and rice and oreos plus milk and water. But that was about 2000 calories in total, which I was supposed to consume, especially for a person who runs at least 3 miles for 5 days. 

Sunday: I am fasting. It’s all about water and hoping God will cleanse me spiritually. :)

Monday: I have to eat breakfast. Because breakfast gets your body ready for the crap Highschool will fling at you. Then I won’t eat until 5th period, in which I will munch on a banana and drink a full bottle of water. The goal here is to keep my stomach small, so that I won’t have to be hungry that much. Intervals are hellish though, so I might eat more than a banana for lunch.

Tuesday: Recovery run, probably Vista Del Val, so hillz. :( Same thing as monday, but I’ll have to eat less than 1000 calories. 

Wednesday: A bit easier run, maybe a long run. <1000

Thursday: Track meet: Palisades and San Pedro, so a fosho’ loss already.. :( oh wells, preseason.

Friday: depends on how horrible I did on Thursday. If it was extremely horrible, I would do my ladder intervals after the given workout. If I break my PR next week, then I would do less of an interval. Either way, intervals will be on this day. I will only eat an orange and then collapse on my bed.

Saturday: <1000 lots of water and work on homework

Sunday: fast again :)

— 2 years ago
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