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15, Freshman, 4'11, 100 pounds.
Goal: to be confident in my own skin while weighing 80 pounds.


Who am I?

HI. The name’s CJP. I can’t tell you my full name, because it’s not fun? hahaha. Anyways, I’ve been always… big. Ever since I was small. I was BIG. That’s not even the devastating part. My family. My mom was skinny when she was small. And so did my dad. And my little sister, she’s so skinny, I envy her. We’re about the same height. She’s 70 and I’m 100.
I think I’ve been getting skinnier, ever since I moved to California. In 7th grade, I was a mere 115 pounds. School started that year, and my weight simmered down to 105. I weighed myself, starting 9th grade year, and I found that I’m 100 pounds. With or without clothes.

I don’t have an eating disorder. If I ever sound like an eating disorder, I think that way.. I’m young and can probably survive anything, so, I don’t really care if I ever have any disorders.. My family can start helping me if I ever develop one. 

NOW: Freshman year: 15 years old: On a two-month vacation: 2nd semester starts March 7.
I plan to weigh 85 pounds before summer starts. My theory is that the only way I’ll reach that wieght is to eat less. The only challenge is that I still need the nutrients because, as you know, I’m still growing. So I gotta take it easy..
Please help me, give me advice, and I hope you’ll be with me on my journey to.. skininess. :3